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BCIU Print Services Center is fully operational with a modified staffing schedule.

Print Orders & Store Orders may face delays due to getting inventory,
but we will strive to meet any crucial deadlines. Please plan any large projects accordingly.

All BCIU employees can pickup their print orders in the Lower Level Hallway by the elevator.
Outside pickups are available in the BCIU Main Office Lobby during normal business hours.

Please wear a mask when entering the building.

Berks County Districts can request Courier Delivery. UPS Ground Shipping is available as well.

More contact information can be found at www.berksiu.org/print.

We appreciate your patience. Stay Well.

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BCIU Employees can find a tutorial and print specifications here:

PSC R 0001 Understanding Print Services Center


Looking to keep costs down while
producing eye-catching, professional,
and targeted print and promotional pieces?
BCIU’s Print Services Center
offers a wide range of options to fit all
your printing and finishing requirements.

We can help you produce a small project or large campaign while
keeping the printing costs budget friendly.

       We focus solely on providing printing and duplicating services for educators
       and non-profits, so we understand your unique needs and challenges.

Whatever your printing needs, call us! 

    Have you tried out Design Conductor?
   Our newest addition makes
pre-templated documents easy-to-use
   and routes you right back here
to place your print orders!

   Try it out today! Request registration here: 

Selecting a Due Date:

The system will default to 5 days as your due date for your order.  That date is when we will complete your job.  If you need the job delivered, then please account for additional delivery time.  Also, if you reduce the time of your job to less than 4 days from the order date, a RUSH charge will be applied.



What does it all mean?

Confusing these terms when entering your order will make the cost multiply! Requesting 100 copies of 1 page looks quite expensive when entered as 100 copies of 100 pages! Entering the information correctly will expedite your project and reduce confusion, ensuring we can do it right the first time. Sometimes we can figure it out. Sometimes we can't which leads to mistakes and waste. Hopefully the following information helps to clarify the ordering process...


Sets: This is the number of copies you are requesting of the originals.

Pages: This is the total number of pages in your electronic document(s) or hard copy originals.

Sheets per Set: This is the number of physical sheets of paper needed to print your original 1 time. If printing single sided this should match the number of pages in your document(s). If printing double sided it's half the number of pages in your document. 

For example: a 48 page document printed double sided on Letter Size uses 24 sheets of paper. (Bonus math! If making a booklet divide your pages by 4, using only 12 sheets of Tabloid Size.)

When entering your order, our software multiplies the SHEETS x SETS to estimate your price. If you are still unsure, please enter comments in the notes field to help us make corrections.

Thank you!



Non-Tear Waterproof Papers! 

For crisp posters, flashcards, wipe-able play mats, indoor or outdoor signage:
our new polystyrene materials hold up to splashing and most every-day cleaners. 
Great for safety posters near water fountains, sinks, & restrooms
or reusable classroom play pieces.

When submitting your order please choose the 
Posters  icon under New Orders!

Available in 5 mil up to 11x17 & 10 mil up to 12x18

Custom Perforation is Here! 

Custom Perforation will allow a WIDE variety of ticket options and many other applications.
Raffles, Event Ticket Stubs, Perforated Forms and more! See us for samples and options!

Coil Bound Books are Popular! 

Our Coil Binding produces a professional finished product with
clear acetate covers for large or small documents. 
Options include coils up to 1 inch to hold over 200 sheets of paper! 
Choose the Coil Bound Books icon when starting your order.

Place Orders for Letter Sized Papers
and Cover Stocks by the Ream! 

Note: No printing is included. Full reams only.
Text weight papers contain 500 sheets per ream.
Cover stocks contain 250 sheets per ream.

When placing your New Order choose Paper Only


Order Only Lamination for your pre-printed items! 
Note: Pouch Lamination only for ID cards (10 mil), Letter (3, 5, or 10 mil), or
Tabloid papers (10 mil).

When placing your New Order choose Lamination Only

If 3 mil Roll Lamination is required for your preprinted items (up to 24 inches wide), please see Donna Sell.
If submitting a print order we can forward  your order to her at your request.




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